Robotic process automation RPA with its cost savings, speed, and efficiency is slowly making its way into all industries and all types of business processes. Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, social media, software, and automation are being used by BPOs to reduce costs and accelerate growth. Knowledge process outsourcing takes place when a company outsources work to a service provider for their specialization and expertise in the process. This expertise may expand past process expertise, into business and domain-based expertise.

Check its business processes and resources, whether workforce or technology. UnitedHealth group is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. It has long outsourced its front-office work overseas, such as customer service . Quite recently, it has also begun to outsource its back-office big data outsourcing tasks such as medical billing and claims processing. Walmart operates throughout the United States and has 12,000 stores in other countries worldwide. As Walmart exports its products to other nations, it also outsources business operations such as accounting, warehouse management, and inventory management.

BPO decreases the amount of office space needed to accommodate employees, saving real estate costs. Accenture is one of the largest IT solutions company which also has a BPO division. Vendors will replace their veteran employees with less-experienced workers as a way to keep costs down. For instance, a BPO that specializes in web design and search engine optimization takes care of ensuring a local company’s website is built with the latest technology, best practices, and customer preferences in mind. The local company doesn’t have to worry about getting leads because that’s what the outsourcing company does.

big data business process outsourcing

For example, a company in Canada can hire an offshore virtual assistant from the Philippines. Wipro is an India based IT service company which also has a BPO department. Business process outsourcing has become incredibly popular with companies ranging from Fortune 500s to startups over the last two decades. Meet regulatory and compliance requirements, including information technology and data privacy. These newly added areas mean fierce competition for talent within the industry. To overcome this gap, BPO firms need intuitive technological solutions, that can be used by relatively lower-skilled employees.

For instance, business process outsourcing services in Canada and Mexico are considered nearshore vendors to the United States. Business process outsourcing services make it easier for businesses to dedicate their time and resources to core business and office operations. Digital technologies have created new opportunities to drive profitability. They need to reduce costs and enhance efficiency and add more value to allow their customers to focus on the core of their business. Hiring professionals from countries like India, where the cost of outsourcing big data analytics services is lower, is more cost-effective than finding specialists locally. Due to their growing demand, they can be easily allured by bigger companies.

Choosing a BPO Provider

The industry is also expected to grow 9% annually for the next five years. Malaysia, while very competitive as a location for global business services, accounts for only 1.7% of the total market in the Asia-Pacific region. Demand in high-skill operations is due to the industry’s need to reduce prices for routine services. High competition has forced BPOs to invest in lower costing alternatives such as AI and automation.

big data business process outsourcing

In this article, we’ve listed 8 proven tips for choosing the right CCaaS vendor. Evaluate whether or not your third-party service provider is aligned with your business goals or objectives. In BPO, automation is a practical solution for accomplishing repetitive and tedious business functions.

The Evolution of BPO and Its Market Today

When workloads spike, the business does not have to pay its outsourcing service providers for more human resources. All these trends are powering the role of technology in BPO sector which is being driven by businesses and their customers. BPO service providers are moving forward by offering innovative solutions through technology. Through technology backed services, customers will get excellent service and more return on their investment, while BPO service provider can maximize its profit.

big data business process outsourcing

Cost is a significant factor for BPO industry, but technological innovation is the prime concern. To develop as a high-performing BPO, you have to deliver value added services with zero compromises to your clients. Cloud computing took data storage and data sharing in BPO industry to another level. Businesses stay competitive and advanced by moving their data to the cloud platform.

Digitalization of paperwork & faster processes

However, harvesting this data has helped the acceleration and automation of business processes and IoT services and products. This is why the trend keeps on increasing, with 90% of existing data produced in just the last few years. With more than a decade of experience, Romexsoft can deliver actionable insights for you to take respective business decisions and move your company forward. Our big data services will help you stay ahead of the competition, take away the guesswork out of your consumer-driven decisions, propel your revenue growth and improve the overall operations efficiency. Helps businesses respond to market shifts and demands as needed—something that is not easy to accomplish when you manage data operations in-house.

As more and more businesses adopt big data analytics, the demand for big data experts continues to grow. “If data is the new oil, the refinery is the large data technology system and processes,” said Amaresh Tripathy, global business leader of analytics at Genpact, a digital transformation professional services firm. Data management outsourcing will get you the expertise of a firm experienced in this line of work. This experience does not only bring accuracy, analysis and hardcore data mining, but it also delivers results really fast. With all that manpower and technology, you will get analytic reports really fast, so that you can shift your strategies accordingly.

Information Technology: IBM

Before that, BI and analytics applications were mostly limited to structured data stored in relational databases and data warehouses — transactions and financial records, for example. A lot of potentially valuable data that didn’t fit the relational mold was left unused. The pros and cons of big data outsourcing More companies are seeking outside help to capitalize on data’s value. Examine the benefits and drawbacks that come with outsourcing big data processing projects. Many organizations have also burned their fingers by embarking on big data programs that failed to ensure users have high-quality data and can easily discover data. Such data swamps can be avoided by thoughtful, architectural decisions upfront in the program.

The global population of social media users spends 10 billion hours on social media platforms daily. Even with data analytics being a relatively new field, it has undergone significant transformation over the past years. In 1962, a mathematician named John W. Turkey forecasted that modern-day computers would substantially impact the way people use data analytics. Similar to how a plane converts fuel into mileage, data science turns big data into meaningful insights. It is a multidisciplinary field that involves the systematic use of methods and tools to collect, observe, test, and resolve a specific problem.

  • This is important because automation is accessible to the customers of BPO service providers.
  • Data reflects business processes, but companies often outsource it to pure-play technology companies that may not have the proper context of the business, said Tripathy.
  • Think of the different businesses it caters to and the vast array of BPO services these third-party service providers offer.
  • Knowledge process outsourcing takes place when a company outsources work to a service provider for their specialization and expertise in the process.
  • Foreseeing the increase of RPA, the Indian BPO sector has prepared to re-skill their workforce.
  • While it’s true that humans can better understand and gauge emotions, the speed and efficiency that machines offer are way superior.

Big Data and Data Science are interconnected, yet they are not equal in meaning. By its concept, Big Data designates all data types, characterized by volume, variety and velocity, which are extracted from different sources and require special systems & modeling techniques to process them efficiently. Data Science is, in turn, a set of scientific activities applied to process big data for specific business goals, which requires expertise in a number of fields, like mathematics, computer science, statistics, artificial intelligence, etc. Many are also pushing for the mainstream use of data management and machine learning algorithms.

Genpact Brings Data-Driven Decision-Making To Scale

If you want to switch providers, later on, you may have to go through a lengthy and expensive process of transferring your data to the new provider. Outsourcing also provides access to a broader pool of talent than most companies would not be able to find in their own country. Identify available data sources and assess the current state of data usage in business processes. You’ll also find examples of big data use cases and an overview of big data technology. Throughout the guide, there are hyperlinks to related articles that cover those topics more deeply and offer expert advice on managing big data programs.

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BPO service providers can dedicate their entire time in enhancing their service quality while automated systems will take care rest of the operations. Effective procurement IT outsourcing services can help save time and money. Our experienced specialists will help you become more efficient and effective. Which makes us better than other business processes of IT outsourcing companies. The lack of a forward-looking policy makes it difficult for vendors to calculate and track ROI. This may hinder the value additions from service providers challenging the development of the market.

The ultimate guide to big data for businesses

The rise of disruptive technologies has completely transformed BPO- customer relationship now. Businesses now need to focus more on providing best customer service by mapping individual preferences while delivering personalized services. There is an unimaginable amount of data generated every single day; around three quintillion bytes of data are produced daily!

As with everything else in business and in life, there are some downsides to consider. For U.S. companies, businesses in the Philippines and India handle a lot of outsourcing services. India is a leader in BPO for the United States because India has a highly educated, skilled, English-speaking workforce that’s economical. Some outsourcing organizations can help customers in more than one language, 24/7. The main company doesn’t have to take on this responsibility but can ensure customers are taken care of regardless.

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