Over 4 hrs of video guidance, 1 ebook, 1 interactive ebook, plus a 1 hr selection of meditation mantras. Includes:

  • What is kundalini?
  • How is kundalini yoga different than other yogas, and how does it work?
  • What to expect from a kundalini yoga class
  • Is kundalini yoga dangerous?
  • Why should I meditate?
  • What is a mantra?
  • Mantras to pause & connect to ourselves; explore & release our inner blockages; embody love & healing; and express our truth mindfully
  • Closing our kundalini practice with mantra

Watch – read – listen anytime, anywhere from your iphone, android, mac or PC!


  • Fast results in decreasing stress, worry & anxiety
  • Increased energy levels and productivity
  • Heightened awareness
  • Deeper understanding & regulation of emotions
  • Better physical health & wellbeing
  • Ability to tap into your inner peace, wisdom & intuition
  • Deeper intimacy with yourself & others
  • Greater ability to attract what you want into your life
  • An overall healthier, happier you!

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The benefits of Kundalini yoga are that you will have a more balanced physical body, mental strength and spiritual endurance. You will feel more connected to your true self and the universal energies which connect all things. With this comes an awareness of your intuition and inner sense of happiness.” – Sukhraj Kaur Gipple