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Guided Meditation: Your Key to Freedom

KEY-SQUAREI invite you to find a comfortable position and begin by bringing full attention to this moment. Allow your body to settle. Gently and slowly, begin to watch your breath, inhaling gently through your nose, feeling whatever sensations arise. Notice where you feel the breath the most. Notice the inhale and the exhale. When you exhale I invite you to let it be long and quiet. In your imagination where does your breath go as it enters your body?

Bringing full attention to this moment. Which part of your body feels most calm and most peaceful and most spacious? Take as much time as you need to explore your toes, your feet, your legs, your belly and hips. Your arms, your fingers, your chest. Where in your body does your attention go?

If you notice areas of tension I invite you to breathe into them,  noticing how the breath can create space for you. Allow your breath to become expansive in your body. Feel all the space you can create simply with your breath.

You are free.

Notice what happens to you when you hear the word free? What images arise for you?

Now I invite you to imagine yourself holding something in your right hand. It is a key. Not just any key, but it is your key. Feel the key in your hand. Is it cold or warm?  What does your key look like? What emotions arise?

Freedom dwells inside of you. It is your freedom to chose. You and you alone hold the key. Like clouds covering the sun, your felt sense of freedom is sometimes hidden. We sometimes feel stuck or locked in habitual patterns. Our freedom to choose another path is clouded. Like the sun, though, it is always shining brightly, awaiting your attention.

You now notice a doorway in the distance. Notice the door as you walk towards it. It is the most beautiful door you have ever seen. This is your personal doorway. A threshold you can step over to enter yourself and claim your essence.

As you reach the door, turn your attention back to the key. What emotions are you feeling now?

Remember that this freedom journey isn’t about becoming anything, achieving anything. It’s not about becoming anyone other than perfectly YOURself.  In fact, it’s about UN-becoming everything you thought you needed to be.

When you’re ready, put your key into the lock and open the door. Take as much time as you need…

As you move through the doorway, open yourself to the landscape on the other side. This landscape inside of you is full of confidence and limitless potential. On the other side of the door is acceptance and non judgment, the ability to be with all that you are, both positive and negative.

Remember these words, “I hold the key”. You hold the key to your presence, your pleasure, and your bliss. During times of difficulty or confusion let the key remind you that acceptance is the key to freedom, compassion is the key to freedom, feeling and inner knowing is the key to freedom. We hold the key to our own freedom inside.  We can nurture these qualities in ourselves and in each other.

Perhaps you may take a moment to notice if you feel more space in your body. Notice any differences in your body and your breathing. When you are ready gently open your eyes and allow yourself to come back into the room.

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