About The Woman's Network


“For most of my life I had no idea what it meant to be a woman. I embraced masculine qualities in an effort to fit into the existing models of power & success.”

By being in meaningful connection with other women, I’ve learned to love everything about being a woman. This held the key to living a full and purposeful life.

– Founder Lois Shannon


TWN is a resource, a platform & a community of like-minded soul sisters.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place & we’re so glad you’re here! Our goal is to support you on your journey and help you become the happy, healthy, holy woman you deserve to be. We’re here to hold your hand and guide you with curated content from the experts as well as meaningful products and events, brought to you in a safe and accessible way.

We believe that every woman deserves to live life to the fullest as her most authentic self. When we heal ourselves as women, we will heal the world!


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  • Christine Scardigli

    Taking the time to become mindful of who I am as a woman has given me clarity.

    The clearer I am with my thoughts and needs has allowed me to be clearer with my family, friends and strangers. I am not as reactive.  I accept myself and my emotions without judgement. I’m able to observe them. I feel more confident and I live with less fear. Society and instinct have made women primary care-takers, however, we cannot constructively and in a healthy manner take care of others if we need healing.  I highly encourage women to come together and support one another.  It is a beautiful healing process.

  • Tiffany Schultz

    Through my experience with TWN, I discovered true understanding of courage, compassion, and connection.

    This was an incredibly valuable resource to help me connect to the genuine source of “who” I am. Through this process I was inspired to embrace and lovingly understand that at any given moment we as women are enough. This is our conscious choice. If we so choose, we are all free and able to connect, and nurture all women, men and children who cross our paths with genuine loving care and support.