Guided Meditation: The Divine Mother


The divine mother. Who is mother to you? We each have a mother whose womb held us. Regardless of who your biological mother was, rich or poor, strong or weak, whether she was passive or angry…none of this matters right now. All that matters right now is to know that while you were being formed you were being bathed in holy water, sacred love with a constant touch of the divine mother. You were bathed in the primordial waters of the cosmos.

You were held in the womb where it was dark and where it was warm; the space where only comfort and safety touch you to form you. Go back as far as you are able to…

Call upon your the wisdom of your soul now to be your guide.

Sense your skin. Put your body in its most comfortable and cozy position. Notice your breath, slow and quiet. Notice the peace you feel as you exhale. Pause for a second after you exhale. Notice the nourishment your body receives as you inhale with your in-breath. Take a second after you inhale. And begin again, setting deeper, deeper, deeper into the full presence of your body. Through your shoulders. Down your arms. Breathing more fully and more deeply through your torso and your legs, noticing your feet. Take a few moments to be with yourself now.

Imagine that you are being waited for. She has been waiting for you, in her essence. Durga, Mother Mary, Pachamama, Kali, Danu, or the Shechina, whatever you wish to call her. She doesn’t even need a name right now. Sense her.

Be embraced by the love which you feel now which radiates from her love. You feel the same warmth and acceptance which she has. There is no difference between her love and your love. Can you see her face now? Can you feel the warmth of her embrace? Use all your senses now. Is there a color you see? Does she have a certain smell? Is there a fabric, a texture? The essence of this life is to learn to love by feeling the flow of her love flowing towards you, and from you. She has no beginning and no end. She is there to welcome you when you are born and her embrace is awaiting you when you die.

You are the radiance of god’s imminent presence. The holy feminine breathes as you breath, and Mother Earth keeps her undulating rhythms, so that you can connect to yours. We have constant reminders that our rhythms are no different than the holy rhythms; each woman with her own unique breath movement, the movement of the heart, the regularity of the circadian rhythm, our sleep wake cycles, our moon cycles. These are all reminders that we are a part of a bigger feminine whole. This is the network, the network of connection, the network of belonging, the network of women who are creators and manifestors. The woman’s network.

Imagine now that you are the one who is carrying this beautiful light…


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