Full Moon Wisdom Series: Waking up to our Sacredness

Episode 1: Coming Home to our Bodies with Melissa Michaels

As women we hold innate feminine wisdom in our bodies that we can ignite in each other through connection and conversation. These hour-long interview sessions with female thought leaders and healers are core teachings from the heart of The Woman’s Network, intended to nourish and inspire you to spiral deeper into your own healing and wisdom in cycle with the moons. They are a calling to awaken to your sacredness as a woman, for the revelotution and evolution of womankind that is so needed on the planet.

In our first session, Lois Shannon talks with Melissa Michaels about coming home to our bodies, the most fundamental way we can access our innate wisdom. Melissa Michaels, Ed.D., is a midwife for the soul. She creates movement based cross-cultural journeys focusing on the potential that is available at major life thresholds. Building community through dance from conception through old age has been at the root of her work for three decades. Currently, Melissa is dancing beyond borders. She is bringing her somatic work to diverse communities in the midst of collective transformation, helping to build bridges across race, class, culture, and gender.

In this session you will…

~ Learn about what embodiment really means and what kinds of choices you can make to experience this in your daily life. Melissa shares from her personal journey that “I had to make a choice between self medication and a lifetime of addiction – or a lifetime of recovery and discovery through my body. I made this choice because I wanted something different for my daughter.” 

~ Receive an embodiment practice from Melissa so you can experience the sensation of coming home to your unique body. Melissa shares that “Coming home to the body, beginning to understand by attending to and attuning to what’s really going on inside, has helped me not only rewire and reconnect with the inherent intelligence that I am in this physical body but also to discover the brilliance of my own heart and what it’s telling me in the different ways I am feeling. It’s also helped me to free my mind so that I can think clearly.”

~ Feel supported to be yourself more fully and inspired by Melissa’s words to “love yourself, and don’t let anybody ever convince you that you’re anything other than who exactly you need to be, and trust yourself, and cherish yourself, and help lift yourself up so you can give your gift and shine your light onto the planet, because if you don’t it will never happen and you and me and we are all needed.”

Here are some ways you can connect with Melissa…

Visit her website: www.GoldenBridge.org
Find out about her upcoming retreat, Shakti Sisterhood 2017 in Denver Colorado
Learn about Melissa’s book ‘Youth on Fire’

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