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Our stories create our reality. When we honor our stories and take responsibility for them, we gain the freedom to author our own lives. By claiming our rightful place as storykeepers, we can shape the world we want to leave for future generations of women.

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Remembering Pleasure I read recently that we are 10 times more likely to buy something…

How Cancer at 23 Taught Me to Love my Body I was 23 years old….

Giving Birth to My Full Potential About five months ago, I began having a tremendous…

Recent Stories

Freedom & Alignment We all have different themes for our life stories. A strong theme for me has been freedom: I am attracted to freedom stories, to activists and people who express themselves authentically. And I’m also deeply attracted to real love stories! But what, really, is freedom? In my own life, I’ve found that…

My Feminine Soul Journey Our deepest passions often spring from our deepest wounds.  By recognizing and honoring our soul’s curriculum, those wounds can be transformed into a source of awakening and power that can be channeled into healing, both for ourselves, and for our world. I love the poet Rumi, and I love this quote…

Look Up: Mindfulness Exercise See life from a bigger perspective with this simple Mindfulness Practice. The Exercise: “Several times a day, deliberately look up. Take a few minutes to really look at the ceiling in rooms, at the tall buildings, at the tops of trees, at roofs, at hills or mountains, and at the sky. See what new…

Just 3 Breaths: Mindfulness Practice Nurture your presence with this simple Mindfulness Practice by empowering yourself with silence. The Exercise: “As many times a day as you are able, give the mind a short rest. For the duration of three breaths ask the inner voices to be silent. It’s like turning off the inner radio or TV for…

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