About Yvonne Randle

Yvonne Randle is a gifted writer, inspirational speaker, mother, grandmother, daughter, and CEO of You Are Dynamic. Educationally, she holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. She is also the author of several self-published books. Yvonne’s experience as a Christian and domestic violence survivor has given her the tools to inspire, educate, and encourage women to love themselves. On a pathway to renewal, Yvonne has a transformed focus to “step out of the box” and become the person she was truly destined to become; assertive, outgoing, self-confident, and the avid adventurer. You can learn more about her at www.yvonnetheauthor.com.

Victim or Victor It’s Your Choice I have been married 5 times. That has been one of the hardest statements I have ever had to confess to the public. I am separated from my current husband and it appears that we’re headed for divorce… making this my 5th divorce. There must be something terribly wrong…

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