About Susie Rinehart

Susie Rinehart is an award-winning writer, a global educator, a community activist, a mother, and a brainstem tumor survivor. She writes about how she had to abandon safety to risk living the life she wanted to lead. For 23 years, she traveled the world as a professional guide and teacher. Now her journeys are inward as she lets let go of worry and fear to find joy and radical compassion. www.susierinehart.com

Red Cords Are Supposed To Break Emptying my closets is a warm-up to letting go of how I want things to be. If things don’t turn out a certain way, then I walk around unhappy. That’s no way to live. Letting go implies loss, but I am not letting go of this life. I’m letting…

Tumor Can’t Take my Voice Last week I learned I have a tumor at the base of my skull that is slowly taking over my brain stem. “First, your tongue will go numb. Then you’ll lose your voice,” said my doctor in the same matter-of-fact tone that he might have said, “First your appetizer will…

Finding the Present Moment When I was eleven, my teacher moved my desk into the hallway. I was too fidgety and too loud to remain in the classroom. I was an active child. Every day after school, I ran to the diamond to play softball. Then changed in the car to go to swim practice….

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