About Susan Grace

Susan Grace is a writer and fiery inspirational speaker, igniting the call of the soul in people! That same enthusiastic spark blends into her Creative Consultant practice for individuals, couples, families, businesses and communities who desire assistance with defining their deepest purpose or clarity for a thriving life or business. Her journey in the corporate world, combined with being a healer, world traveler and mystic, gives her a broad base of specialized communication skills. She mines the gold, helping others alchemize their world. She expresses as a dancer, artist, traveler and is the author of, "Where Do I Belong?"

I once had a lover An elegant dark skinned man. A radiant man. A man who knew his mind. A man who knew his body. A man who knew my body. We were more friends than lovers, but impressive lovers when those moments flowed. He invited me to celebrate his 40th birthday which started in…

I visited the Gold Hill, Colorado museum yesterday and a 65-year-old man came in with his 87-year-old mother who was visiting from Arizona. Both were in phenomenal physical condition. You’d have to be in order to be hiking around up here at 9K ft! They kindly introduced themselves to me. The woman was petite with…

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