About Priya Laasch

Priya is a mix of German-French culture and lived the life of a punk in Germany, a countess and a business woman in France and a nun in India before settling in Boulder where she lives with her 7 year old daughter Tara. She has spent the past 15 years on a deep journey of self-discovery inspired by the great masters and mystics that have walked this path before, integrating the innate wisdom of the mind and combining this intelligence with the consciousness of the Soul in everyday life. She is currently organizing retreats for the Field Work School, launching her clothes line, writing a children’s book with her daughter. She is also co-leading a Conscious Women’s Group in Boulder and organizes shamanic journeys with the grandmother medicine.

The Darkest Side of the Light I’ve felt it coming on for a few days. This deep sadness, the feeling that I am going to fall apart and that there is a crack so deep in my heart. I wonder how I have not drowned in it yet. I see it and it sees me….

Finding Womanhood in Sisterhood If anyone would have asked me the question 10 years ago what womanhood really meant, my answer would have been a long and exhausting listing of all the negative aspects that I saw in women and mostly in myself. I was my best enemy when it came to being feminine. I…

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