About Nina Boddenberg

I am a writer, weaver, treehugger, earth warrior, and fire dancer. I have spent many years working in community welfare and community development. My passion to make the world a better place has seen me undertake a huge amount of community volunteer work and environmental activism. I have been a wildlife carer for many years, specialising in the care of orphaned flying foxes. I teach various different weaving techniques and facilitate weaving workshops. I am involved in an annual Weaving Festival. My personal healing journey has led me back to my roots as a healer. I have been a Reiki Master for many years and make herbal balms and tinctures. Currently I am studying a Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage. I am deeply called to Mayan Abdominal Healing, Spiritual Healing and Shamanic practice. I have had the great privilege to be trained by Tami Lyn Kent, author of “Wild Feminine” and creator of Holistic Pelvic CareTM. I dream of working with individuals and communities to heal and transform the personal and intergenerational traumas we all hold. I live on a community in the Northern Rivers NSW Australia, where I am building an eco-friendly home with my partner and growing our own food.

Emerging From The Fear Within My life has been a slow emergence from fear, from darkness, and from despair. Fear of being seen, exposed, vulnerable. Fear that something terrible will happen if I ever revealed myself. I so deeply want to do ‘good’ in this world, to be of service to life. Yet most of…

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