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Melanie Fitzpatrick, Certified Transformation Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator. Co-Author “Communicating your Personal Brand” chapter in Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Founder of Live in your Truth, TM. Melanie is an igniter of passion and truth. In 2014 she made a bold move to leave a successful corporate sales career where she managed a 15 million dollar portfolio in the Transportation and Logistics Industry, in order to create a meaningful and mission inspired life. She navigated a successful career re-invention and became a Certified Life Coach and Professional Workshop Leader. She is a 2015 Graduate of The Leadership Academy and member of the Pittsburgh Professional Women. Today she is the Host of “Live in your Truth” Radio podcast program. Women from all over the U.S. and Canada enjoy her powerful and insightful Workshops and Retreats where they learn to live from their authentic self, create greater impact by making empowered choices for their personal and professional life. Melanie specializes in working with women in midlife transition by guiding them to live in the fullness of their truth and create a life of joy, purpose and meaning. If you desire to grow beyond your current definition, feeling the pull to be of greater service in your community and the world, or you are yearning to create more meaning in your life – You are ready for a new journey! Contact Melanie for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to discover how to get started on your personal journey! Check out Melanie’s powerful Women’s programs at www.Liveinyourtruth.life and enjoy your free gift of Tips to Live in YOUR Truth.

Finding my way to Shore A letter to my sisters… The truth has been weighing heavily on me recently and I am left wondering: Why is it so difficult to live from our truth? Perhaps it is based in the judgment, vulnerability, and exposure we might encounter… In my journey I have discovered it takes the…

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