About Lavinia Brown

Lavinia is a truth-seeking, Bourgeois Bohemian, multi-tasking feminist, and entrepreneur Mama-of-three. She is an over-educated product of the patriarchal establishment but choses wine as her day job, hosts women’s circles in the evening and in her spare time, writes blogs about authentic living. She can choose to look corporate with her glossy ponytail, towering heels and designer accessories but her nose ring and side-shave hint at the hidden hippy inside. She is currently cruising around as a digital nomad on a year-long, family travel adventure, soon-to-be re-birthed as a women's mentor and coach. She's a lifetime student of finding inner balance and a more recent devotee of the divine feminine. You can learn more about Lavinia on https://bobomama.net, see more on https://www.instagram.com/bobomama_net/, watch more on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtFSVu5DC5O2-f25L0U8rAw or just follow me on https://www.facebook.com/BoboMama.net.

Child v. inner child: Navigating the triggers of parenting  It has taken me a while to accept that life is a journey of ups and downs. Mainly because I hate being down. But whilst I would love to feel eternally connected, centred and serene, I have come to appreciate that the triggers that cause the…

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