About Kari Halvorson

Passionate about aiding people in re-aligning themselves with their true essence, Kari dedicated her life to study holistic health. She is a soul-based therapist with a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling, a Reiki Master Therapist and Teacher with thousands of clinical hours, a Mindfulness Facilitator, and an Intuitive. Her work is based on the assumption that one can come into the light and transform through receptivity of grace, connection with the natural pulses of life, and dedication to re-embody one’s wholeness. She is also a writer and teacher of spirituality, energetics, and intuition development.

Vulnerability and Authenticity Several months ago Kenya Brading from The Woman’s Network asked me to write a blog on authenticity. Immediately I felt honored, and I also received a heaping gulp of humility. At the time I was facilitating a Book Processing Group on Brene Brown’s work Daring Greatly. In her book, Brene articulates how…

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