About Dorothy Walters

Dorothy Walters, born 1928, has pioneered women’s rights since the 70s. After completing a PhD in English Literature she became one of the first college professors in the country to set up a Women’s Studies program, against much opposition from both men and women alike. Later in life, she experienced a kundalini awakening which changed her life forever and put her on a spiritual path of discovery. She has since published a number of books of mystic poetry and prose, and also keeps a blog called Kundalini Splendor. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado, and is a valued member of The Woman’s Network community.

My Journey into Consciousness Many years ago, I was living in Kansas as a professor in a state university. I was teaching English and American literature, often introducing emerging women writers such as Alice Walker, Marguerite Yourcenar, Isabel Allende, Adrienne Rich and the like. I had recently discovered the Great Goddess, and reveled in that…

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