About Danielle Joworski

Danielle Joworski has woven elements of writing throughout her career as a leader and educator. In 2015, she resigned from her corporate life to spend more time with her family and nurture her dream to write. Her first book, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls, was an international best-seller and represented her own journey of empowerment. As an adult educator she is an advocate for empowering others to learn by using different communication methods. Her writing focuses on empowering women by sharing lessons from her own professional and personal experiences. Danielle is focused on pursuing a Master’s degree and volunteering for causes that support the empowerment of girls and bring attention to mental health.

To Move Forward, Forgive What is Behind I recently went on a road trip by bus with a group of parents. I had just settled down in my seat and organized my belongings, when I was interrupted by an urgent whisper. “Danielle!” I turned to my left to see who was trying to get my…

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