About Colleen McCann

Originally working in New York City as a fashion designer, stylist and brand consultant for clients like: Under Armour, Nordstrom’s, Calvin Klein, Betsy Johnson and L’Oreal, Colleen is well versed in how image and beauty can have an impact on the female psyche. However, through the years Colleen began to recognize that there was an alarming disconnect between women and their inner-beauty. This divide created a community of women who felt unsupported and over-all unhappy with themselves and the lives they were leading. Unwilling to accept the current state of dysphoria of her girlfriends and clients alike, Colleen set out to put her Shamanic studies to good use. In doing so Colleen has developed a unique method of blending visual positioning and energetic clarity utilizing color theory, body type, chakra systems, crystals, astrology, naturopathy, fashion design theory and Feng Shui principles. Through these modalities, she can align the energetic and visual body, creating a sense of balance, wellness and fullness.

Coming out of the Shamanic Closet So what happens when you discover you have more in your closet than just clothing? I am talking about some serious skeletons… the literal kind. Until the age of 30, I was your typical New York City girl. I lived in Brooklyn, I worked in the fashion industry and spent…

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