9 Affirmations for You & Your Kids

Lois Shannon’s introduction to affirmations:

9 Affirmations you can sing along to:

1. I have made my happiness dependent on me and me only.

2. Because I cannot control conditions, I control myself beautifully, effortlessly, and successfully thought by thought.

3. I am free of all addictions to people and things. I am addicted only to feeling good and the only person who can or ever has made me feel good or bad is me. I love myself and I love my independence and I am living that every moment of my life.

4. I am realizing more and more that I am and have always been self-sufficient and independent.

5. I am a strong, loving, independent, freedom-seeking woman. I love myself and nothing anyone says or thinks can change that!

6. My thoughts and opinions are louder and clearer than the thoughts and opinions of everyone else out there, and that means I am mastering my life, one thought at a time! I unconditionally love myself inside and out and nothing can change that!

7. I am God’s gift to myself. God is perfect and because I am God’s creation, I am perfect as I am.

8. I have made myself my top priority. I have made feeling good my dominant intent.

9. I am becoming more and more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

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