Sahar’s body of work is dedicated to filling the silence with a woman’s voice.

Born amidst a fearful political regime, Sahar Paz, witnessed the transformative power of a human’s voice. She travels the nation as a keynote speaker urging women to speak up, to raise their hands, and to be heard.  Sahar coach’s women to have assertive conversations that will greatly impact their lives, and our society. Her goal is to end the silent oppression of women in the free world.

Use your voice, to create change, where change is necessary.

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What does your inner voice sound like?

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You’re pretending everything’s fine, but there’s a volcano that wants to erupt underneath.

You’re scared to go there because you’ve been keeping the lid on it for so long. You’re scared to let it loose because you don’t even know what explosion will happen. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. You thought life would be different. You thought you’d be different – your career, your relationships, your self-worth… And you don’t know what else to do.

The thing is that most of us have been taught to keep quiet about the things that aren’t pretty. We are taught to make do, to be grateful for what we have and to bury the truth of our experience so deeply that sometimes, we don’t even know our truth ourselves. We’ve got a really good mask on and it “works” — but inside we’re drowning. We feel suffocated by our life, and we don’t know who to trust. Secretly, your life feels like a lie — you don’t even trust yourself anymore. You put on a smile and pretend you’re ok, because you’re scared to really feel everything that is hiding beneath the surface. The voices in our head have been conditioned to tell us why we can’t…

Speak up. Tell the truth. Shine brightly. Stand out.

When you work with Sahar, you will no longer held back by obligations, supposed to’s and guilt, you will be able to experience a new level of freedom and joy. Your self-worth and self-esteem will begin to soar as you learn that you are more resilient and courageous than you’ve ever given yourself credit for. Instead of drowning, you will ride each wave that life brings with an unshakable grace and deep trust in yourself. 

By giving yourself permission to really feel everything that you’re feeling, you will move away from your old story as the victim, and into your new story as the Shero of your life.

Finding your voice gives you a choice about how you live your life. In essence, you become free.

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“When you silence yourself, you block yourself from your dreams, your purpose,

even the love you’re supposed to experience.”

Sahar Paz