Nurture Circles
​​with Lois Shannon
To be ourselves fully… we must heal
To heal… we must feel safe
To feel safe… we must feel supported

As women, we often spend so much time nurturing others that we forget to nurture ourselves. This can leave us feeling depleted, frustrated, and alone... But what's possible when women gather in the presence of each other and truly listen to each other's needs?

We are here to support you on your healing journey… your journey to remember your sacredness and sovereignty as a woman… and how much you matter...

Our Nurture Circles are a
online healing space for you to feel safe & supported. 
"The calls with Lois have felt nourishing and healing, and have met a deep need within me...

I have had the privilege of joining two Nurture Circle calls now, and I feel deeply grateful for each experience. Something in me had been calling out to be witnessed in the expression of tender parts of myself... and to be witnessed by a circle of women. I felt safe to bring whatever was authentically arising to the calls, and I was able to stretch myself a little as well, to find trust for feminine community that had been lost decades ago. May all women have a place to gather and be "seen" -- these Nurture Circles cultivate such an environment. "

Anjali Krystofiak

Empowered Women Empower other Women
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Do you find it difficult to trust other women?
Do you find yourself feeling jealous or competitive around your female peers?
Is it hard to share and be vulnerable about your feelings with women,
even with your closest friends?

Much has happened to women over the centuries that has bred a culture of fear and separation. Many of us feel alone - disconnected from our authentic power - unable to use our voices for fear of being rejected from the tribe.

To truly feel empowered in our lives and truly own our sacredness and sovereignty as women, we have to wake up to the fact that our power comes from connection and not separation. Our Nurture Circle calls are an invitation to let the walls around your heart come down... to be seen and heard without judgement... to share your gifts... and remember how to trust yourself and other women alike.

Together we are stronger & more powerful than we can imagine.
"In this safe, nurturing circle of women, I feel courageous enough to be seen and heard...

I've never stepped forward in such a way, let alone at such a vulnerable time in my life. I pray that others can feel the deep sustenance that arises in this space. If you hungry to birth a 'new me' into the world, I encourage you to join this group. It's what so many of us are hungering for. "

Suzanne Jewel

"Through my experience with the TWN women's circles, I discovered true understanding of courage, compassion, and connection.

This was an incredibly valuable resource to help me connect to the genuine source of “who” I am. Through this process I was inspired to embrace and lovingly understand that at any given moment we as women are enough. This is our conscious choice. If we so choose, we are all free and able to connect, and nurture all women, men and children who cross our paths with genuine loving care and support."

Tiffany Schultz