Dear Soul Sister,

For so long I felt there was something wrong with me. I felt that I wasn’t adequate, that I wasn’t good enough, that things were my fault if they weren’t going well. I felt that I wasn’t lovable and acceptable the way I was and that I had to do something to make myself worthy.

It took me a long time to realize that the source of this pain came from my most primary relationship with life itself – the relationship with my mother. I had been running from this pain my whole life.

As a young girl I felt that I was a mother to my mother, carrying her pain because it was too much for her to carry alone. I began to realize that this pattern had been passed through my mother line for many generations because the trauma had been so great and the patriarchal belief of women being “not enough” was so strong. I knew that if I was going to break the chain for my children, I needed to heal the mother wound.

I wonder if you feel any of these same feelings? I always thought this was just me however I am learning that I am not alone. These are systemic issues that have left women depleted for centuries, caught in negative thought patterns and self destructive behaviour.

I could not be more excited to present this self-led Intro Course from Bethany Webster which explores this core issue at the heart of women’s healing & empowerment. Now is the time to reclaim our sovereignty and give ourselves what our mothers never gave us, so we can become the sacred women we were born to be.

Love and hugs,

Lois Sig


Lois Shannon

Founder of The Woman’s Network

Healing the Mother Wound

4 week self- led Introductory Course

Feel worthy of life

Feel worthy of love

Feel empowered to change your story

And become the woman you were born to be

Many of us have experienced difficult and complex relationships with our mothers.

What most of us don’t realize is how strongly our relationships with our mothers impact our ability to thrive, be happy and actualize our full potential. The way our mothers treated us becomes the way we treat ourselves, which has a ripple effect into every area and every relationship in our life. Unless we heal it, the wound continues to be passed down through the generations.

The mother wound is not something we need to feel shame about; it’s a doorway to inner freedom and full potential.


Get to know Bethany Webster & her personal experience of Healing the Mother Wound

Ways the Mother Wound can show up in your life:

  • The relationship with your mother has been a source of pain and frustration in your life
  • You feel that you are being held back by beliefs you’ve inherited from your mother
  • You long for approval from your mother but never seem to get it
  • You find yourself arguing with your children and partner on a regular basis, with no clear sense of what is wrong
  • You feel a persistent sense that ‘there is something wrong with me’
  • You get stuck when you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough in your life
  • You find yourself feeling depleted from giving so much of yourself to please others
  • You feel weighed down by feelings of guilt, fear or shame
  • You already been working on yourself and the relationship with your mother for years, but the same issues keep coming up

Benefits of Healing the Mother Wound

Greater understanding of yourself and how to meet your own needs

Ability to transform blame into compassion

Greater awareness of the mother/daughter relationship

Mindful communication with others, increasing love and intimacy

Fewer negative thought patterns & limiting beliefs

Healing of generational wounds for the benefit of future generations

Understanding that there is nothing wrong with you

Ability to make empowered choices about your life

Self-permission to step into your full potential

Ability to set boundaries and say No to things that don’t serve you

More confidence and less attachment to external approval

Spaciousness and self love, with less pressure to be perfect

The Healing the Mother Wound Introductory course is the first step on this healing journey, that will get you in touch with your inner child so you can understand what she needs and begin to give yourself what your mother never gave you.

 “As girls, we often ended up being a mother to our mother, trying to take care of her and fill the mother gap she had with her mother. When we mother ourselves and meet our own needs, we break this chain for future generations.

Lois Shannon

Meet Your Teacher: Bethany Webster

Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach, international speaker and what you could call a midwife of the heart. Her work has appeared in Elephant Journal and the California Journal of Women Writers. She has created the Healing the Mother Wound transformational process from her own experience as well as her background in psychology.

Bethany believes that “healing the mother wound is the most important thing a woman can focus on because of the incredible potential that lies on the other side of it and the scale of transformation that is possible. No other relationship has the power to limit us or to liberate us as the relationship with our mother does.”

Bethany’s approach to healing…


…will give you deep, embodied awareness, as well as the language to validate and explain the complex dynamics you’ve carried in your heart for decades around the mother wound. We do this by guiding you with beautifully crafted information, self reflective exercises, self actualizing meditations, and useful tools for everyday life.

While this course may help you to heal the relationship with your actual mother, the focus is more about healing yourself. You will quickly find that all your relationships begin to change when you change the relationship with yourself.

For daughters growing up in a patriarchal culture, there is a sense of having to choose between being empowered and being loved. Most daughters choose to be loved instead of empowered because there is an ominous sense that being fully actualized and empowered may cause a grave loss of love from important people in their lives, specifically their mothers. So women stay small and un-fulfilled, unconsciously passing the mother wound to the next generation.”

Bethany Webster

What you Get

This 4 week self-led Intro Course will give you a taste of Bethany’s full process of Healing the Mother Wound, helping you to transform the mother wound from a source of pain into a source of wisdom.

We guide you through this process by sending you content every week in the form of videos, ebooks and audio recordings. The course is self-led, giving you the freedom to engage with the content as fast or as slow as you like.



Learn how to pause and connect with your divine self. As women, we are often so busy throughout the day, exercising and often exhausting ourselves by constantly ‘doing’. This is a simple and valuable tool will help you settle into the ‘being’ mode, and support you in building a relationship with your most authentic and sacred self as you move through the course. The more you practice, the more you will benefit.

Our mothers shape the beliefs we hold about our bodies, relationships, careers, money, pleasure, and so much more. She is our primary model for what it means to be a woman, often leaving an unconscious imprint on us that holds us back from our true power and potential for happiness and success. In this module you will begin to understand how your mother has served as your foundation, examining your mother’s beliefs, examining your own beliefs, childhood defenses, unconscious behaviors, taboos & stereotypes. 

The place where we feel the mother wound the most is the place where our inner child resides. Our inner child is wounded from the ways that we did not get our needs met by our mothers ~ to heal her we must spend time with her and listen to her. In this module, you will meet your inner child and inner mother, so you can begin to meet your own needs and give yourself what your mother never gave you.

While there may be pain in our mother’s lineage, there is also love and beauty. In this module you will connect with your lineage and feel the blessings of your mother line, empowering you to take a step into your power and potential.

Circle 3

Includes over 50 pages of beautiful ebook content with self reflective journaling exercises, a 50 minute selection of guided meditations with 3 accompanying handouts, and 2 videos presented by Bethany Webster.

Not included:
One-on-one coaching or group coaching

Circle 12

Special Bonus #1

Extra Module at the end of the Course: A New Way of Being

In this bonus module, you’ll receive an exercise ebook that will help you step into your power & potential more fully, with affirmations to remind you of your sovereignty and worth.

You’ll learn: What fears you have about fully stepping into your power & potential, what limiting beliefs and patterns have been keeping you stuck, and how to replace ‘old tapes’ with positive affirmations

Special Bonus #2

Sign Up a Friend for Free

We want to offer you a special opportunity to invite a friend to this Intro Course so that you have a soul sister to embark on this sacred journey with. AND you will give them the opportunity to change their life! You can probably think of someone right now who would love the chance to work on their mother wound. Our goal is to make our courses as accessible as possible because we believe that every woman deserves to feel the power of her own sovereignty.


 “Everyday used to feel like a fight and a struggle to survive. I would beat myself up all day thinking that if I had just tried harder or worked more I would finally get ahead and feel good enough. I kept giving and giving myself to others in hopes that someone would finally validate me and tell me that I was worthy of love. Now that I have worked on my mother wound, I can give that love to myself.”

Lois Shannon

Praise for Bethany

“Bethany’s course has put into words and given me clarity for everything I was feeling and experiencing and is helping me heal. Its painful, challenging, amazing and insightful, I feel like I am finally starting to step into my power and for that I am truly grateful.”

Amanda Hassan-Ally,  UK

“Some months before I came across Bethany’s work, I had a big falling out with my mother. For years and years I had felt so trapped in guilt and tension in my relationship with her that when I turned 50, I decided I wasn’t going to let it dominate my life anymore… I needed to get out of this destructive bond. The moment I read Bethany’s blog I knew she was the one to help me do it. It was like recognising my story in everything she wrote… Now that my mother wound is healing, I feel my natural confidence is coming back, urging me to speak my truth in an unapologetic way. My work is becoming more successful and expanding in ways I couldn’t have predicted… I feel like I have come home in my own being, including the painful scars as well as amazing lightness.”

Esther Teule, Netherlands

“Before coaching with Bethany, I was not able to separate emotions from the mother wound from the present situation.  It felt one and the same.  Now, I am able to connect to my inner child and discover what she is feeling and how I am projecting it into the here and now. My relationship with my husband has become much more intimate and compassionate.  By sharing what I have learned with him, he has become aware of how he had been subconsciously contributing to the patriarchal attitude that kept a divide in our relationship. I am able to be fully present more often with my 5 year old daughter. Before the course, I was an empty shell with next to nothing left to offer her. Now that I have learned how to validate my experience and emotions, I can do this for her as well.”

Ashley, U.S.

Start your healing journey

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