About Virginia Nava Hieger

Virginia is the CEO of Transformative Power, where she teaches others to access their own inner transformational leaders within. It is her wish that you may “be the gift you were born to be.” She believes that each person has a unique natural essence, and when this essence is the creation of each person’s life, a GIFT is shared with the world. During her own self discovery and transformative process, her heart guided her to write two books: 'Meaningful Freedom and Your Unique Gift', a transformative series that recounts the lessons she has learned on her journey back to being the gift she was born to be. She discovered that first step to a meaningful life was through freedom; through this process, she realized that freedom comes from within, and that when we are free internally, we can be free anywhere. She teaches transformative practices that include creativity, transformational story, freedom/love practices and strategy. She holds a passion for people who are committed to becoming their GIFT and helps them through personal and professional transformation. Her background as a marketer and storyteller for large Fortune 500 companies taught her the value of language, a brand vision and the impact that a message can make in the world. She is a now messenger of freedom, love, the vow to your gift and of leading from within. As a major achiever, she has learned the difference between leading others and inner leadership. She teaches leaders to look at the foundational aspects of leadership, such as the inner why, the why commitment, what prevents us to live our why, how we can lead a heart-written story and become the “sheroes” of our own stories through love, compassion and freedom. She believes we all can help improve our communities by being the gift we were called to be. She is grateful for all the gifts she has received in her life from the generations before her, and for her community of women and men who have impacted her ability to see a BRIGHT world. She feels a strong commitment to share all her acquired wisdom and pay forward the gifts she has received along the way. Virginia is a letter writer, a GIFT messenger and advocate, an author, a transformational leader and a natural communicator and marketer, and is ready to help you transform your life.To learn more about Virginia, visit her site at www.thetransformativepower.com.

Freedom & Alignment We all have different themes for our life stories. A strong theme for me has been freedom: I am attracted to freedom stories, to activists and people who express themselves authentically. And I’m also deeply attracted to real love stories! But what, really, is freedom? In my own life, I’ve found that…


Committing to Freedom Day by Day I still remember the day I left my corporate job as an international marketer for a large company. As I held a box containing my personal items, I said my last goodbyes to my friends and co-workers, to my office of five years, and even to the job title…


Freedom and Unconditional Love What would we do differently if we were driven by unconditional love? How differently might we serve? What if how people perceived us didn’t matter? What if criticism or praise could be seen as simply feedback? I recently listed my inner critic concerns and afterwards I noticed a trend: lack of love,…

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