About Donna Fitzgerald

Donna Fitzgerald has been on her personal journey of self-discovery for the past ten years. Her purpose is to inspire and help others in their search for meaning in their lives by sharing her journey. Donna is a past caregiver, past volunteer with the ALS Society and Neuromuscular Clinic at St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital in Kingston, Ontario. Donna currently volunteers with the Bereavement Support Program at Hospice Kingston and works full time as an Administrative Assistant at Hotel Dieu Hospital. Donna's motivation is to live life with purpose and love.

Life Begins Outside of Your Comfort Zone Have you ever heard this expression?  Have you ever thought of putting it the test? This summer I did exactly that. I jumped outside of my comfort zone and I am here to tell you I had a summer to remember. In April of this year my father and…


As I sit here with pen and paper I realize that writing has been a gift of freedom for me in my life.  My journey to freedom started 15 years ago while I was lost, burnt out from caregiving, trying to make sense of my husband’s dying of ALS, and facing the reality of my…


Finding my Inner Light My inner light is my soul. The part of me that lives deep within my being. The voice that speaks to me. The part of me that had been locked away for many years. The soul that I was born with that had come into the world shining bright and with…

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