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Christine Watkins Davies specializes in providing leadership coaching utilizing her extensive knowledge of mindfulness studies and contemplative strategies. By increasing self-awareness skills, her clients are able to improve their ability to identify what is blocking their progress toward individual or organizational goals, improve communication skills, generate more confidence and gain a better understanding of others. Christine holds a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Education & Practices from Naropa University. Her thesis focus was on Mindful Leadership. She holds a BA in Occupational Therapy from St. Catherine University. Christine is a Certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West and through the International Coach Federation. She is also a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator with Dr. Brené Brown and a Certified Enneagram Coach.

Ideal or Idealistic Mother Becoming a mother was monumental. I had waited 8 years for it to happen and when it did, I was certain that as a developmental therapist, I would be able to handle anything. Many well knowing friends had shared horror stories of how challenging parenting was, but I didn’t buy it….


I Prefer an Unused Uterus When I was very young, I heard someone use the word “bastard” and I asked my aunt what it meant. “Well,” she said, “it’s a word used for a child who is created before the parents are married.  Like you, sweetie.  You’re a bastard.  So is your Aunt Dana. You’re…

Executive Woman

Executive Mindfulness: What Do We Have To Lose? When one thinks of mindfulness, the image that typically appears is that of a tie dye clad person with long dreadlocks sitting on a meditation cushion as the aroma of incense permeate the room.   However, meditation and mindfulness are not symbiotic…nor are they completely different.  Understanding…

Mindful Driving

Mindfulness by way of a stick shift I recently offered to trade cars with a friend who needed a larger vehicle to move items out of his parents’ house.  He would need my SUV for a week and his sleek sedan with tinted windows felt alluring and much more likely to help me feel like…

Where do you sit in the courtroom of life

WHERE DO YOU SIT IN THIS COURTROOM OF LIFE? I begrudgingly sauntered into the courtroom with a herd of others who had been summoned for jury duty.  Yes, I am honored and grateful to live in a country with such a judicial system, but I could think of about 873 other things I’d rather be…

Cute baby girl with funny face on solid background

WE ALL HAVE A FANNY… I’ve got this woman who lives behind me who constantly shares her negative thoughts and opinions even if I don’t feel like listening.   I call her Fanny because she’s a pain in the ass…  She shows up unannounced all of the time and is never a welcomed guest.  Ever….

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