About Alison Prideaux

Alison teaches Mindfulness in the Alps and in southern France where she also works as a busy massage therapist. She has 30 years experience in bodywork, yoga and codependency recovery and has over 3000 hours of meditation practice. Alison trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in London with Michael Chaskalson author of The Mindful Workplace. She has a strong grounding in Vipassana meditation and she is currently preparing for a Mindfulness teaching diploma with Bangor University, Wales. Alison has witnessed students derive much personal benefit from their consistent practice finding that Mindfulness can bring an end to recurrent bouts of depression, chronic pain and anxiety. She is very enthusiastic about the effectiveness of this simple technique and is keen to pass on the skill to help others rise above difficulties and cope with life’s challenges. “Mindfulness makes our inner world more clear and sound and from here we are well placed to create a healthy outer world too, it’s a gift we can pass on.” www.omindfulness.com
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Managing in Crazy Times with Mindfulness “I feel a crushing sensation in my chest, like I have difficulty breathing.”  These were the words of my client Celine a week after being caught in the stampede leaving the Promenade des Anglais in Nice on July 14th. We were on a Skype call as she poured out the…

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary Paying Attention to the Now When we become truly curious about the now we can experience every task, every taste, every touch, as if for the very first time. We transform ourselves and therefore transform our relationship with the now. But paying attention is not easy to do. It is so…


Mindfulness, Depression and Inner Strength I woke up to the familiar sinking feeling in my stomach. As if remembering some bad news, my mood started to take a dive. This was the first sign of a nascent depression and my usual response was to run like mad, figuratively speaking. Normally I push myself out of…

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