4 Steps to Find your Voice

What would it feel like to trust yourself?

free online workshop with Sahar Paz 
October 6th, 2016
1pm PST / 4pm EST

“Sahar is one of those gifted people that has the power to lift you out of darkness. Her guidance and loving support has been an inspiration in all aspects of my life...

I came to Sahar at a moment of deep rupture. As she helped me build up strength, with each session it felt like she would breathe new life into me. Having Sahar by my side has felt like having a firm anchor, that would not allow me to free fall back into the familiar place of doubt and fear. Her support allowed me to not only pick up the pieces, but to craft a new vision for myself."
Patryce B, Los Angeles, CA
TO FIND YOUR voice... YOU MUST listen

We live in a world full of noise.
All day long we are bombarded by traffic, the bings and beeps of phones and computers, television, music...
You hear the demands, needs and expectations of everyone around you...
And when you go to sleep at night, conversations loop on repeat in your head and you think of all the things you should have said...

Somewhere deep inside, you find yourself wondering if there will ever be a quiet moment to have a heartfelt conversation with yourself...

What's important to you?
What are you not speaking up about?
What are your dreams, needs and desires?

When you listen the voices within and honor them, you free the voice that the rest of the world hears. You shed the expectations and 'shoulds' that hold you back from your dreams, your purpose, and the life you crave.

In this free online workshop with Sahar, you'll have a conversation with your inner voices, so you can begin to express yourself like never before...

At this workshop you will:

Learn the 4 steps to finding your voice
that will help you put trust back into yourself

Learn from women who are finding their voice
one little step at a time by hearing their stories

Learn a self care practice that will help you
nurture and empower your most authentic voice

We hope to see you there!
October 6th 2016
1pm PST / 4pm EST 

“Sahar taught me how to listen and trust myself...

I was always aware of the chatter in my mind, but never knew what to do with it until I started working with Sahar. Finding my voice has allowed me to change the conversation within myself, freeing my spoken voice. The transformation has been scary, and worth every thrilling moment."
Nicole Salzberg, Los Angeles, CA 
Shhh... Listen to your Inner Voices
If you agree that now is the time for women to find their voices and be heard then please share this free workshop with your friends...  Together we can give each other permission and inspiration to share our Authentic Voices!